The Russian stock market: on the one hand, sanctions on the other, the growth of oil

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The Russian stock market is some uncertainty about the events that develop around Russia. On the one hand sanctions the United States, on the other the stability of oil prices. Due to the outflow of capital from the country – the ruble significantly weakened, but the state budget has sufficient reserves of foreign currency, which in principle is advantageous in this situation. Trade conflict between the US and China continued to encourage investors to buy the dollar, reducing the price of gold, as traders feel that the US are less likely to lose in a trade war.
China plans to ask the WTO for permission to impose sanctions against the United States next week. Previously, Chinese officials said that they will refund any shopping steps from Washington.
This month, gold could strike another blow. Investors expect the US Federal reserve will raise interest rates, which could increase demand for the dollar and reduce demand for gold. At the moment investor interest remains within the oil and gas sector. Shares of the company “Gazprom” can continue the growth at least 1%. And the securities of “LUKOIL” after minor corrections have the potential growth at 1.5% in the short term. Also do not forget about the actions of companies “Tatneft” and “Rosneft”. All these companies are United by one common idea of the growth associated stability of the oil market.
U.S. stock indexes showed an increase, mainly due to technological and energy sectors. Shares of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) rose 2.5% and have growth potential by 1% in the short term, as investors eagerly awaited major events of the technology giant Wednesday, where we expect the unveiling of new products. The highlight of the Apple event will be a trio of new smartphones that will launch the tech giant, including the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and cheap LCD iPhone.
However, the profit share was limited by the interests of the investors in connection with trade tensions, as the promise of China for reparation in respect of tariffs in the US served as a reminder that the trade war, which threatens global growth is still far from complete. The Boeing company (NYSE: BA), given its large international exposure, managed to get around trading trends, since the aircraft manufacturer reported an increase of aircraft deliveries in August compared to the previous month due to robust demand for its popular 737 model. Therefore, the company shares remain in investors ‘ focus. In General, the us stock market will continue to update historical highs in the near future.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”