The Russian stock market on Friday went to the “red” zone

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The Russian stock market on Friday went to the “red” zone. Index Masuri continues to fluctuate in the corridor 2335-2365 points, but if by Monday the external environment smoothed out, the ruble indicator will quickly go down to 2300 points. Down it will pull the paper oil companies that still traded with the backlog of raw materials fluctuations. The RTS index is saved inside the short corridor 1110-1135 points and also has a chance for a new wave of decline.
Shares of “Aeroflot” again today among the leaders of the demand after a small pause. After the Association of air transport operators has formed and submitted to the government a proposal to increase payment for fuel for domestic carriers, in the shares of “Aeroflot”, a new impulse, which added to what was working earlier in smoothing long-term oversold. It is unknown how authorities reacted to the initiative, but if there is approval, the paper carrier will fall in the uptrend channel.
A barrel of Brent has broken has technical support at $60,50 and is located below. Up channel from February 13, refracted, and now the depth of sales creates short-term on oil. After the breakdown of the $60,50 “bears” opens the way to $54,50/55,00. The raw material market for today there is no one bright fresh reason to sell, just seems like the bears strengthened the technical component.
I would like to see who of institutional investors selling the dollar in the domestic market on a similar information background, but it is unlikely we’ll ever know. Meanwhile, the ruble is in his favorite position like glue, that is illogical, when it falls in the price of oil. To all why, quickly reduced the price of oil in rubles, leaving the Federal budget vulnerable. There must be present or planned support the Russian currency, or no market liquidity.
For the U.S. dollar today can become a more dynamic evening session. Bidding closed in the range 65,70-66,45 rubles/USD, but in fact the us currency should already be in the area of 66,50 easily and without resistance. Euro/ruble to the evening konsolidiruyutsya within 74,70-of 75.00.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,