The Russian stock market on Friday traded in the green zone

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The Russian stock market on Friday morning is trading in the green zone. Dollar-denominated RTS index and the index of Mosuri in the black. Index Mosuri will hold today’s auction in the hallway 2570-2600 points.
Quotes of oil Brent reduced by 0.34% to $70,51. Traders fear of strong growth in US production and a lack of demand for hydrocarbons on the world market. The fall keep the news from Venezuela and Iran.
However, market participants believe that other OPEC countries quickly compensate for the drop of oil supplies from these countries. On the background of falling prices for black gold there is a weakening of the ruble. The corridor is expected today on the pair dollar/ruble is 65.5-65.8 per, the Euro today is trading in the range 73,1-73,5 RUB.
The world gold Council (World Gold Council, WGC) has estimated: in the first quarter of 2019 the world’s Central banks broke the record of the last six years for purchasing gold. All they bought at 145.5 tons of the precious metal, which was 68% higher than a year earlier. The biggest buyer is Russia. Today, the country selling U.S. government bonds as part of the process of de-dollarization.
Exactly how much gold was bought by the Russian regulator is not specified. Another major buyer of the precious metal became the people’s Bank of China. He also tries to diversify its assets and abandon the us dollar. In addition, their foreign exchange reserves in the first quarter of 2019 for the first time in the last five years has increased Ecuador. Among active buyers of gold in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Qatar and Colombia.
Due to the sanctions war, Mr. Trump has managed to achieve one thing: the world has ceased to consider the United States dollar absolutely reliable currency. And of course, that the world’s Central banks and private financial companies looking for an alternative to the U.S. dollar. Gold is the first thing that comes to mind. At least you can’t freeze, of course, if you keep it at home. From our point of view, the alternative gold may be the shares of large industrial companies in traditional sectors with large fixed assets and dominant positions in key markets, such as Total, Rosneft and Norilsk Nickel.
For individuals interesting history can be Golden and silver investment coins. Their value depends not only on the value of the metal, but also the specific characteristics of the investment instrument. Coins in Russia is not subject to VAT, unlike gold bullion.
EUR/USD is traded at 1,116. Today at 15:30 MSK in the U.S. will be a block of melon in the labour market for April. Will be known data on employment in non-farm payrolls, the market expects the level of 185 thousand in the Forecast for the unemployment rate is 3.8%.
Alexander Razuvayev,
Director of information-analytical center,