The Russian stock market oil feels negative

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Despite the fact that the foreign courts have moved to recovery after a drawdown yesterday, Russian stocks started in negative territory, reflecting the negative oil, where Brent quotes demonstrate too sluggish recovery attempts after the collapse of more than 7% during yesterday’s trading session. Afternoon index Mosberg and RTS falling 0.6% and 0.7% respectively. The ruble is doing quite well, trying to “push” the dollar under the mark 62 RUB
The oil and gas sector reacted with restraint to the drawdown in oil prices. Rosneft is cheaper on 1,5%, “Gazprom” lost 0,32%, LUKOIL falls within 0.4%. Papers “Rosneft” feel the additional pressure against the refusal of Britain to extradite Russian former Vice President of the company. In leaders of decrease – papers of “ALROSA”, losing 5.7% of the field of the explosion at the mine cleaning from dividends.
Shares of “Sberbank” cheaper by 0.25% quotes VTB has traded slightly below the opening level due to the stability of the ruble before the negative side of the commodity segment. Shares of Norilsk Nickel are recovered by 0.65% after sales the day before. Support for the securities of the company having the more expensive metals.
The current pressure on the Russian market looks restrained, until the end of the day, the domestic indices are able to reduce losses, if America will be opened in the area of growth. It will also require at least maintaining bullish bias in the oil market, which is trying to rehabilitate himself after the mass exit of long positions.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group