The Russian stock market more likely to fall than to rise

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On Tuesday, Russian stocks opened in negative territory, sharply reacting to signals from the outside. Before he could recover, interest risk again faded into the background of denials by China’s Ministry of Commerce statement yesterday trump that Beijing allegedly asked about returning to the negotiating table. Thus, the situation on the trade front remains tense that implies continuous growth of domestic indices, along with the assets developing segment of the whole.
After rising indices on wall street and in Asia, investors once again flee from soadaholic that undermines the position of our market. The pressure looks reasonable, but the site remains vulnerable and any sign of a new escalation of the conflict could return investors to the mode of sales. The oil does not render support to the Russian market, trying to grab a mark 58 dollars per barrel.
Brent is still unable to break above $ 60 dollars, which is not surprising, given that the market of black gold is also closely follow the development of relations between the US and China.
Meanwhile, the ruble continues to decline against the dollar, which, having previously received some support around the 200-day moving average, back above 66 RUB and Tuesday with the beginning of the session increases within a quarter percent, despite the retreat of the USD in the Forex market after yesterday’s rally. The breakdown region 66,30 RUB worsen the technical picture for the Russian currency.
Arseniy Dadashev,
Academy of management Finance and investment