The Russian stock market may suddenly lose the support of oil

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The beginning of this week marked a very significant event in the circles of domestic traders. Monday, April 8 has been updated historical maximum of the index, and the next day was confirmed by the victory of the bulls of the domestic market re-record.
What are the causes of such sentiments, and how can you believe such movements? Of course, the main driver of this growth were madly flying up oil prices, which have responded to the reduced supplies from Venezuela, the deteriorating situation in Libya, the possible tightening of the embargo against Iran. All these factors have raised concerns about the global supply of oil.
Today report OPEC+, and a similar bullish sentiment, may subside, leaving the index of the Moscow exchange in the lurch and meet correction. Agree, when the main indicator of the domestic stock market responds only to one commodity factor, trust factor to robust growth should not be excessive.
If we look out beyond the borders of Russia, we can see a much brighter mood. If for the current year the MICEX index gained 9, 58% given the current review to 2575,71, for example European indices showed much better dynamics. Even taking into account the uncertainties on Brexit, which prevent the UK economy, the FTSE in 2019 gained 13.3%, the leading European economy of Germany in the face of the DAX rose to 15.76%.
Do not lag behind the United States with the growth of S&P500 index by 15.63%. Similar appetites for risky assets seen in developed countries. In countries with developing economies and are happy nine and a half percent, which is almost two times lower than the European and American growth rates.
Irina Lanis,