The Russian stock market is under pressure from the report of Congress on chemical weapons

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Expect neutral opening of trading on the Russian market amid mixed dynamics of trading futures on global stock indices. At the same time, the American market closed with growth of 1% to 2711 points on the SP500, the price increased almost all of the action from most sectors of the index. Well reported of General Motors, but the management made a weak Outlook for the year because of higher costs from trade taxes USA for imported metal. Now, investors will focus on statements by Apple, which will be published at the end of trading on Thursday on the American market.
However, Russian investors are interested in, not the situation in the negotiations of the EU and the UK Brexit, not the policy of the Chinese government to stimulate the economy, and the approaching date of November 6, when the state Department must provide a report to Congress on the issue of Russia’s compliance with the terms of the United States on the use of chemical weapons, which gives a negative signal to the market.
Since no information about a prepared statement or not. It threatens the introduction of a second tranche of sanctions in the case of the use of chemical and biological weapons. Plus ahead of long weekend in Russia against the background of re-election to the U.S. Congress that will force the Russian investors to be insured to take dollars.
Viktor Veselov,
Chief analyst,