The Russian stock market is under pressure from the oil instability

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The Russian stock market according to investor sentiment, is in a phase of high volatility, due to the multidirectional activities as stock companies and by sector as a whole. Yesterday oil was adjusted to the news that the US may ease sanctions against Iran. Therefore, some oil companies have responded to the decline of quotations of oil. But shares of “Rosneft” after payment of the dividend dipped by almost 5%. As you can see the reasons for the rise and fall in the stock are different. Sometimes we can see the General trend and pattern is relatively even the whole sector.
The anchor of the Russian stock market for the most part serve the oil price, as this is probably the only industry that brings good revenues to the budget. The export market of oil are actively fighting a country, but the biggest interest is shown, States. They see Russia as a competitor. Fundamentally you want to become a monopolist in the world oil exports. And the Organization of exporting countries (OPEC) looking askance.
All have long realized this and sometimes specifically on my nerves USA holding prices higher than the planned strips. Today we can see the continuation of growth in such actions as: “Tatneft (MCX: TATN) which may grow by +1.2% and paper “Mosenergo (MCX: MSNG), with a growth potential of +0.5 percent. Today the active growth of the Russian stock market may continue.
U.S. stock markets closed in different directions as the growth in the sectors of utilities, consumer goods and Finance has led to growth stocks, while losses in the sectors of technology, healthcare and industry has led to the decline in the share of stock. At the close of the NYSE, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.15% while the S & P 500 index lost 0.04 percent and the NASDAQ Composite index was down 0.67%.
Google wants to increase security with the new version of the Chrome browser, which should be released October 16. The company’s shares responded with a decline, because after hardening may be some emergency situations with opening the web pages due to the enhanced sensitivity browser for possible threats to the site’s content.
The company’s shares have the potential to reduce the area of prices close to $1100,00 per share. The continued growth we see today in such companies as: Walgreens BootsAlliance Inc (NASDAQ: WBA), which can grow by 1.2%. Meanwhile, Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) will add another +0.5%, and companiesas-Cola (NYSE: KO) has a growth potential of +1.1%. In the world of investments, Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRKa) is a legend. The public face of the company and a longtime Executive officer, Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world thanks to the impressive results of the Berkshires over the past few decades.
However, an important part of the process of decision-making in Berkshire was Charlie Munger. It business partner Buffett and helped Berkshire outperform the market by leaps and bounds. He has a love for psychology, which penetrated his eye on investing in his very long career, and, in particular, we will consider the philosophy of Munger about which company to buy from and when. Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) is the Foundation mangarov.
Coca-Cola (KO) is a Fund that owns Berkshire since 1988, and in thirty years from date of purchase by the company shares rose about three times that of the S & P 500 has in the same period. It is a sign of a large investment, and the philosophy of purchase Monger has not only helped make the decision to purchase Coca-Cola, but also other similar stocks. The company’s shares can trade above $50.00 per paper in the near future.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”