The Russian stock market is not far behind from external negativity

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Investor sentiment gradually improved after yesterday’s sell-off in global markets. On Tuesday Asian markets by the end of the session trimmed losses, while European indices are trading in positive territory. A decrease contributed comments trump, who expressed the hope that negotiations with China in the coming weeks will be successful.
Against this background, the Russian benchmarks is also located in a green area, although the manifestation of optimism is low key. Afternoon index Mosberg and RTS increased by 0.5% and 0.6% respectively.
The ruble remains stable, keeping the resistance, despite the decline in the attractiveness of the assets of the emerging segment in light of the recent escalation of trade tensions between the two largest economies in the world. The dollar/ruble yesterday failed to overcome resistance on a mark of 65.50 RUB and is trading with a slight decline within the day. In the short term quotations are likely to remain in the range 65-65,50 RUB., the output of which will be held in the case of more powerful catalysts.
Brent crude, meanwhile, is back above $ 70 per barrel, but growth is constrained by the 200-hour moving average. Despite the extinction of escape from the risks traders to open new positions on the market of black gold, fearing a new wave of sales on global markets. Traders are showing restraint in anticipation of statistics on oil reserves in the USA today from the API and energy tomorrow.
Gennady Nikolaev
Academy of management Finance and investment