The Russian stock market is growing uncertain

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In the midst of a period of corporate reporting, the U.S., the Bank of Russia on Friday has lowered the rate, and on Wednesday his example may be followed by the fed. Reduction of interest rate is always positive for stock markets, but there is one point. Markets often live by the principle “Buy the rumor – sell the fact”. If this week the participants will review this paradigm, we should expect a slight correction. On the other hand, it is believed that the fed could cut rates from 0.5%, but it will be a serious step and create a strong support for the American indexes and the world.
Although in our opinion it is a very unlikely scenario. Most likely this meeting will have a “warning format” and more importantly to hear the future plans of the fed, rather than the current solution.
Index Mosberg a little “green” in the pending decision of the U.S. Federal reserve and the absence of external pressure, but to talk about the trend yet. I think that before Wednesday night speaker will be near zero, and investors will take a wait and see position.
Interesting report today is to provide AK Steel (AKS) and Philips (PHG). Russia will host the meeting of the Board of Directors of MTS (MTSS) and Russian grids (RSTI). Given that the sector sales in Russia last year doing very well you can expect there are new and interesting stories.
Dmitry Inogorodniy,
“International financial center”