The Russian stock market is fueled by an external positive

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After corrective signals the leading stock indices of the Russian Federation gathered strength and made another push to fresh highs with an eye on a favorable external background. Asia ended the day mixed, but in Europe, which returned to trading after two days of holidays, there is a widespread rise, and U.S. futures signaled a readiness to reach new record highs. In the second half of day the index of RTS and Mosberg increase by 0.50% and 1,08% respectively.
It is noteworthy that the index of Masuri not prevent the rebound of the ruble, which returned to growth after a local correction the day before, largely because of the desire of the players to partially lock in the profit at maximum from may 2018 levels. Today, the pair dollar/ruble has returned to the level 62. and from the beginning of the session, losing 0.35 percent, is located in the area of 61,80 RUB Brent crude, meanwhile, noted the new highs of mid-September over the level of 67 dollars per barrel and stalled near this level in anticipation of statistics Ministry of energy on oil reserves in the United States.
In Forex the dollar remains under pressure. Using the fading demand of the dollar, the Euro jumped into the 1.1150 area, where is located the 200-day moving average, further limiting the rushes of the bulls. In fact, no significant driver behind this rebound is not worth the risk interest in pushed on the defensive, the dollar and the single currency has formed a foothold for recovery in the area of support provided in the form of the 100-day moving average in the 1.1060 area.
_________________ Mikhail Kogan,
Head of Department of analytical researches,
“The higher school of financial management”