The Russian stock market is configured in the green sector

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On the last working day of last week in many Catholic countries have celebrated good Friday, the markets were closed and trading with oil is not passed. And on Thursday auction of oil started at $71,1 per barrel of Brent. By noon, prices fell to $70,7, then turned around and went upstairs, and reached by evening, $71,5. In the night of Monday trading began confident OST $71,9. Price, rapidly moving up quickly reached $73.7 metric, updating the maximum from the beginning of November last year, then corrected to $73,1.
The increase is due to the sanctions policy of the United States against Iran. The US authorities are once again threatening secondary sanctions to States that decide to buy Iranian oil. The ban will come into force after 2 may. This day expires a temporary exemption from previous restrictions imposed by the United States. Likely daily range for today’s trading, Brent crude $72,4-$73.8 per barrel. The medium range which is defined by the closest significant support levels and resistance remains between $70,4-$77,9.
Most Western stock markets on Friday closed in connection with good Friday. In the absence of external reference points, the Russian indices closed mixed. At the end of the day the ruble Mosberg index added 0.12 percent, dollar-denominated RTS index to the weakening of the ruble against the dollar fell by 0.12%. Among leaders of growth – “Safmar” (+1,43%) and “Yandex” (+1,34%). Among leaders of decrease – RussNeft (-0,97%) and “Rosneft” (-0,84%).
On Monday morning of the markets of Catholic countries in Asia-Pacific was closed due to the Easter Monday running markets showed multidirectional dynamics. Futures on the S&P 500 index was trading in the morning about 2.904 p., 0.2% below the closing levels of the previous trading day. Rapid morning growth of oil prices drags at the opening of Russian indices, primarily due to securities in the energy sector. Likely day the corridor index Mosberg is in the range of values 2540-2590 points, RTS index — 1250-1275 points.
In terms of the closure of most Western markets, the ruble, on Friday dropped moderately. At the end of the day on Masuria, the dollar calculations “tomorrow” rose to 64,0500 RUB (+15,75 COP.), and the European currency has grown to RUB 72,0500 (+23,5 COP.). Update oil Monday morning multi-month highs will lead to a significant mount of the ruble in early trading. The expected daily range for the dollar is 63.3-64.6 per RUB, for the European currency —in the range is 71.2-72.7 per RUB._______________
Vadim Iosub,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center “Alpari”