The Russian stock market is close to decline

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After a mixed and slow start of trading, Russian stock indexes show near-zero momentum trading with symbolic decrease, despite the modest rise in the leading index of the Old world. The effect of crude oil prices is also not noticeable, and the ruble is not experiencing yesterday confidence, limiting the gusts RTS, which increased by a modest 0.05%, while the index of Masuri generally can not determine the motion vector.
Brent broke the mark of 81 and rallied to fresh 4-year highs near the mark 81,50. The ruble is trading with symbolic increase to foreign currencies, updating in the morning of 1.5-mestnyy high against the dollar at around 65,56 RUB.
The cooling of the ardor of the Russian currency led to the correction of shares of “Sberbank” 1 percent after a morning of growth. Paper VTB falling by 0.85%. Meanwhile, the oil and gas sector, feeding off the growth of quotations of black gold, easily renew record highs. In particular, Rosneft and LUKOIL, whose shares today rose in price by 1,5% and 1.15, respectively.
But in the steel and mining sector is dominated by minor mood. Papers “Rusala” fall to three percent, correctives after the recent wave of growth. Quotes “Norilsk Nickel” has managed to enter positive territory, but adds symbolic of 0.15%. The action “Severstal” will lose nearly 1%.
On the Russian market showed signs of pullback, partly due to the training of investors to the fed, which will end tomorrow night. He tone of the accompanying statement the Central Bank will depend on the mood of the risky asset until the end of the week. Also a common manifestation of optimism hampers the tension of trade relations between the US and China.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group