The Russian stock market is again full of optimism

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The Russian stock market returned today to improve amid a rebound in oil and due to some cooling in the leading indicators before. By evening, the external background has improved further, and buyers stepped up, as few people can ignore the fact of lifting the sanctions against the assets of Oleg Deripaska.
Index Mosberg rose in the region 2495 points and still be allowed to re-test peak at 2502 points. The immediate goal of lifting costs at around 2515 points. The RTS index started earlier was rolled back to 1175 points, but continue the movement still has not received. Now it is possible to pass to 1195 points, where in case of existence of reasons for acquisitions and up to 1200 points near.
The ruble behaves quite calmly, not responding to any of the sale in the oil (yesterday), nor to restore it (today). In fact, the Russian currency internal reasons for pessimism there, so it will be in the near future to respond to market conditions. For example, in the course of tomorrow’s auction the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry plans to attract 25 billion rubles in two OFZ issues. Now, sentiment among global buyers neutral, but the last auction in the same calm external background failed for the Ministry of Finance.
The US dollar closed trading today in the range of 66.00-66,45 EUR RUB finish in the borders 75,40-75,95 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,