The Russian stock market: investors ‘ Enthusiasm is already hard to see

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The Russian stock market on Monday remained in positive territory, but the enthusiasm among the buyers already hard to see. Index Mosberg balances in the vicinity of 2375 points, intermediate support, which opens the way to 2360 points. Session Tuesday to reach the indicator will start near the current levels, trades will be held in the corridor 2360-2385 points. The RTS index just beyond the boundaries of the short corridor 1110-1135 items, but the small currency fluctuations the chances of rapid growth, it has little.
Shares of Aeroflot fell for a third day in a row. Paper today has broken an important psychological barrier of 100 rubles, but so far, even if we assume that the unstable market will drag the stock with a medium – term sideways move in the range of 90-112 to the paper to keep.
Shares “Polyus Gold” today are at the forefront of growth and traded with increase by almost 4% at the absolutely relaxed corporate background. The paper has updated a maximum since August 8 and is eager to 4485 – August peak.
The ruble held today, boring, quiet trading day. On the one hand, the geopolitical factor is smoothed, and the Russian currency is good, besides the oil the entire session attempted recovery. However, the black gold took a noticeable minus, a barrel of Brent was down to $65,75 and intends to move to $65,30. On the other hand Russia began the next tax period within which exporters change currency earnings into rubles to repay taxes and excise duties. This factor supports the position of the Russian currency, although it works locally.
The US dollar will complete the session in 65,80-66,45 rubles., the Euro closes the day in the hallway of 75.00-75,75 RUB Tuesday is likely to begin to habit in the same range.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,