The Russian stock market in the oil optimistic

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The Russian stock market is in optimistic mood, as the oil prices have a stabilizing overall effect on the market. Investors who have not had time to participate in such companies as: Rosneft, ALROSA, Norilsk Nickel, is trying to establish positions or add to existing ones. As these leading companies in the 4th quarter will start to pay dividends. But there are also concerns about sanctions against Russia from the US and investors are afraid that the sanctions may relate to these companies.
So they with utmost care trying to invest in these sectors and at the slightest danger will immediately fix their positions, and this will cause a sharp drop of the papers and of course there will be a high volatility for the issuers. At the moment, if we consider the paper Rosneft, after obnovlennom the maximum, today we are witnessing a slight correction. Has been breached the resistance zone in the area of price 416,00 and consolidation above this level would allow enough profitable entry.
As seen a clear trend on paper and the ratio of risk and profit is optimal. With regard to the securities of the company ALROSA, the level of 100.00 is a strong level and now at the end of the trading session will need to see how close the Issuer. Investors trying as it is cheaper to buy the securities of companies, which is logical, so if the paper on ALROSA will not hold above 100.00 today, will start buying paper in the area of 94.00 rubles per share.
The situation at Norilsk Nickel is quite interesting, in the 1st half of the year, the company increased Nickel production by almost 1%, copper 19%, but in the second quarter production of Nickel was reduced due to stop of the Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta plant, as the equipment had a routine inspection. In this regard, the company’s shares are in a certain price consolidation. Investors do not hurry how to get out of this paper, and to open or increase positions. In General the Russian stock market shows stability against the background.
The us stock market shows significant growth due to the growth of the majority of issuers in almost all sectors of the market. Strong investor activity is based on the expectation that, in General, shows the market, namely the S&P500 index, we expect the increase to 3000. And this growth will occur due to the growth of the major companies, which are leaders of the market sector to which they relate. Investors interested in the securities of the company Tesla.
Elon Musk announced on Twitter Tuesday that he is considering bringing Tesla private for $ 420 per share, or $ 72 billion, that would be the biggest transaction of this type. He said that financing for the transaction was provided but did not provide details. But that was enough to make investors believe in the ambitious head of the company and the shares have risen almost 11%. Was the updated local maxima and the growth potential of up to $400 at the stock definitely is. Overall optimism in the market is present and the adjustment frequency, we gradually reach new heights for all us stock indexes.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”