The Russian stock market has received a chance for growth

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The Russian stock market is gradually moving into positive territory trades amid positive signals from the external factors. The US and China ready in the short term to negotiate in trade. Oil prices are quite stable and support the oil and gas sector.
Against this background, the major investors in the priority are the same company as a few days ago, namely: Gazprom, NOVATEK, LUKOIL. After a small correction will be possible to purchase the shares of Gazprom in the area of the price of 141.00 – 142,00. NOVATEK will also be of interest to investors because Europe can build 9 new terminals for receiving liquefied natural gas.
Therefore on the securities NOVATEK interesting price for the investors can be from 920,0. As for LUKOIL, the price from 4400,0 very optimal for entry or re-buy the position with good growth potential. From the financial sector do not look bad paper of the savings Bank. The action is in a narrow consolidation and investors ‘ interest can also attract. In General, the Russian stock market looks good. At least the activity of investors is easy to follow the increased volumes.
The us stock market ended yesterday’s trading session with significant growth. This overall positive background growth resulted from both technical and news components of market. The possibility of a positive decision in the field of trade, the US and China, has led many major market participants to increase activity and to be ready. Keeping abreast of the many carefully began to look to a more promising and less risky stocks. The flow of corporate reports more distracting investors from a General news background and external factors, related to trade wars.
The focus of attention of large investors today will be Apple Inc since the company’s revenue grew by 32%. Against the background of stable demand for the latest iPhone model and sales activity of the service has enabled the company to earn 11.52 billion. On postmarket Apple Inc. fixed the price in the neighborhood of $198,00. With the market open investors will follow the background relative to other sectors, and a comfortable range to buy Apple Inc, will be relatively in price from $195,00 to $197,00.
Also the energy sector is encouraging against the backdrop of stable oil prices. The volatility index of the us stock market is in its optimum range, and particular fears in the market is not observed. The only thing that volatility will increase on the background of the corporate records before the end of this week.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”