The Russian stock market has continued the growth started in the morning

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Russian stock indexes on Thursday morning, showing growth index Mosberg adds 0,3% (2355 points), RTS index grows on 0,6% (1091). The leaders of growth are the shares of “Aeroflot” and “RussNeft”, in leaders of falling – “MegaFon” and “Mosenergo”. On 30 August an extraordinary General meeting of shareholders will hold the X5 Retail Group. The register of shareholders for participation in EGSM close “ALROSA”.
Us stock indices ended yesterday’s trading session higher. Morning in premarket the S&P 500 index slightly decreases.
Oil prices increased significantly at the end of trading on Wednesday and today continue the upward movement. A positive impact on the market by the statistics from the International energy Agency, under which commercial oil reserves in the United States for the week decreased by 2.56 million barrels. Brent crude is trading around $77,7 per barrel.
The Euro/dollar is showing poor growth, the case moves to the correction, it is trading in the area of 1,170. Yesterday, the States have published data on GDP growth for the second quarter of 2018, which was better than expectations, the growth amounted to 4.2% from the previous quarter. However, the stronger dollar did not help. Today, Germany will present data on unemployment and inflation. Speech by the head of the Bundesbank.
The ruble continues to weaken against the dollar and the Euro, this morning on the stock exchange for one dollar offer 68 rubles, one Euro 79,6 RUB. In our view, the easing will continue until the end of the week, while the couple closely will not approach the highs of August 2015.
The external background to today’s trading has developed neutral index Mosuri will hold an auction in the range 2350-2365 points.
The court of appeal of England and Wales will make a decision on the appeal of Ukraine in the case of the debt to Russia on September 14, you should schedule a hearing on the court’s website. Russia sought payment of $3,075 billion and penalty interest. It was originally planned that the amount of the Russian loan Ukraine $15 billion, however the change of government has confused all the cards. Debt, of course, indisputable. Russia gave credit when there was not under sanctions and the oil price exceeded $100, and for Russia it was not a lot of money. Now international reserves are about $460 billion, but the Russian Finance is not the best of times. The probability of Russia’s victory in court is committed to 100%, but to pay Ukraine will not, as it believes that it is “the duty of Yanukovych”.
So in conclusion, is to say that geopolitics is geopolitics, and greed is greed. Russia is the main investor in Ukraine. Russia for the first half of 2018 has invested in the Ukrainian economy $436 million — 34% of the total investment, which amounted to $1.3 billion in second place in the list of the biggest investors are Cyprus, who invested in the Ukrainian economy $219 million, the third — the Netherlands ($207 million), the fourth by a large margin is Austria ($58 million), top five Poland ($54 million).
The European project of modernization, which was proposed by Ukraine, similar to that proposed by Poland, Turkey and the Baltic countries. It implies large-scale private European investments and creation, focused on the European market export production. However, Western business did not give money. For the modernization of the economy, Ukraine needs approximately 20 billion euros of foreign investments per year. In General, money to Ukraine from Europe not. And without modernization and significant investments in fixed assets in Ukraine is very bleak prospects. Especially given the expected cessation of Russian gas transit.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,