The Russian stock market has begun day confident growth

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Leading stock indexes of the Russian Federation has begun trading environment on a more positive note but soon slipped into negative territory under the influence of external negativity. European markets traditionally took the baton from Asia, continuing the retreat against the backdrop of escalating trade confrontation between Washington and Beijing. Both countries are preparing a new mutual duties on a wide range of products that makes investors get rid of risky assets. Afternoon index Mosberg cheaper on 0,25%, and RTS has slipped by 0.63% due to currency factors, the ruble is trading at 3-week lows.
In the segment of blue chips there is no uniform dynamics. After yesterday’s recovery the shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank fell again under the sale and losing nearly 2.5%. Stocks also look quotations AFK “System” (-2%) for the talks on the reduction of dividend payments for the current year due to the increase in the debt burden of the company after entering into a settlement agreement with “Rosneft” and “Bashneft”.
VTB shares have traded in a small “minus”, ignoring the speculation about the increase in dividend payments in 2017, about 2.5 times. The meeting, which will be considered recommendations for dividends will be April 16. The Bank also plans to equalize the dividend yield on all classes of shares. Paper “savings” are kept slightly above the opening level, demonstrating the uncertain dynamics on the background of weakening of the ruble.
Negative added, and a local factor. After the decline of business activity in the manufacturing sector fell in March and the PMI of the services sector of the Russian Federation, reaching 53,7 against 56.5 in the previous month. Thus, the growth of business activity slowed last month to 8-month low, although the average for the first quarter were generally good. In addition, oil prices accelerated decline, updating the 2-week lows, which could cause deepening of the drawdown on the Russian market.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group