The Russian stock market had another boring day

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The Russian stock market had another boring day. After the volatility of autumn and early winter such sessions calm look at least strange. The market obviously saves power, because tomorrow will be a meeting of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, whose conclusion is uncertain. Index Mosberg balances near 2368 points, the nearest support is at level 2345/2350 points, the resistance is at 2,385 points. These boundaries will be current until the end of the week. The RTS index will remain within certain limits 1110-1145 points.
On the one hand, given the inflationary pressures, and at least two “spiral” this spiral ahead, it would be logical to raise the key rate is now 25 basis points and by another 25 b.p. in February, for example. This effect, the financial system would be enough for a long time. On the other – it is doubtful that the Central Bank will raise rates twice in a few months. It may well be that now the regulator will celebrate the inflationary trend, but prefer to wait and see what CPI will be in early 2019.
Shares “ALROSA” out of pique and bounce up. Paper is moving under the influence of technological momentum over the last few days she was falling in price ahead of the market. Correction can stabilize the paper in the region 100,0 RUB.
Russian ruble strengthens toward evening in a basket of currencies. The US dollar is 66,27 RUB and slightly reduced dynamics in tandem with the Euro still expressed. Short-term trade corridor on the U.S. currency remains unchanged, 66,10-of 66.65, Euro 75,00-75,75. In ruble pairs, there is one big problem: there are no trade ideas, the consolidation is too long, the market is bored without the scope and objectives.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,