The Russian stock market found a reason for growth

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The Russian market continues to grow in the environment due to both external and internal factors. European stocks traded in different directions, but in General, the risk sentiment improved after trump toned down his rhetoric against further negotiations with China.
Oil is experiencing difficulties with growth, but at the same time refrains from drawdown, is located around 71 dollars per barrel of Brent.
The internal driver of growth in the domestic market is the rise of shares of “Gazprom” after the unexpected decision of the Board of the company on increase of dividends. On this background the index of RTS and Mosberg afternoon rise by 0.18% and 0.60 percent respectively.
The ruble after yesterday’s rise is not losing his grip, continuing to push the dollar below a mark 65 RUB Pair reached the low of may 1, at the level of 64.66 RUB remains under pressure, losing of about a quarter percent. Further dynamics of quotations will define the overall mood of the dollar in light of the imminent publication of data on U.S. retail sales. If the figures don’t disappoint, quotes will be able to win back some losses and bounce closer to the mark of 65 rubles, which remains the center of attention of the players.
Gennady Nikolaev
Academy of management Finance and investment