The Russian stock market ended without achievements

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Stock market in the doldrums, but compared to what was happening on the eve of the foreign markets our sales are just a drop in the ocean. Index Mobimii is still in the range 2425-2455 points, and while the boundaries of the corridor are solid, there is no reason for sales. The immediate support for the rouble indicator is at the level of 2400 points, under it – 2385 points. The RTS index konsolidiruyutsya, as expected, within 1140-1155 points.
The shares of “Magnet” have not got into the field of view, but in vain. It seems that the paper is breaking downtrend. At least it needs to break above 3760 RUB In General, the stock has the strength and demand, and in the presence of steady purchases. The purpose of current purchases seems to RUB 3700, 3760 RUB in this situation then you can aim and 3900 RUB.
The oil market is waiting for information from the US Department of energy on stocks of raw materials and petroleum products. Before the API data reflects the growth of oil reserves by more than 5 million barrels. This is the eleventh week of the growth indicator with a break for a short pause. It is possible that the energy Ministry sees the same trend, but the volume can be somewhat smaller. Very interesting data on refinery utilization and production.
The Finance Ministry today held an auction on placement of OFZ. At the moment there is information according to one of the editions (26224) in the amount of RUB 15 billion – the Agency has attracted almost all of the limit while the demand is 19 billion rubles. the Data for the second issue at the time of writing the review there. Despite the rather gloomy external background, the office is nice, using, under all likelihood, the lack of trading ideas from investors.
The ruble on Wednesday moved mixed in a basket of currencies. The greenback was trading sluggishly within narrow corridor 66,60-66,85 RUB Even under conditions of activity in the global currency market the dollar can’t go higher 67,0 and to gain a foothold on this frontier. The probable range of fluctuations in the USD/rouble on Thursday is 66,50-67,15 Euro/ruble – 75,55-76,65.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,