The Russian stock market dropped future US sanctions

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Most major global stock markets ended Tuesday with growth. However, the Russian market was under the authority of the negativity associated with the new sanctions bill the United States. It is a question of sanctions against Russian banks, energy projects related to LNG and the number of persons. Recall that we are still talking about the project, which will have to pass through Congress and receive the President’s signature. However, the first reaction has already followed.
The ruble-denominated index Mosberg lost 1.88 percent, dollar-denominated RTS index to the weakening of the ruble declined more sharply by 2.03%. Among leaders of decrease – Rosneft (-3,11%) and “Tatneft” (-2,92%). The Dow 30 increased by 0.46%.
Morning Thursday index of Asia-Pacific countries together decreased by 0,1%-0,4%. Futures on the S&P 500 index was trading in the morning about 2753 points, 0.1% higher than the closing levels of the previous trading day. The Russian stock market, apparently, will continue to play the sanctions the agenda and will be again under pressure. Likely day the corridor index Mosberg is in the range of values 2460-2510 points, RTS index — 1180-1205 points.
The ruble, like the stock market, by the end of yesterday, reacted to the sanctions bill. At the end of the day on the Moscow exchange, the dollar calculations “tomorrow” rose to 66,5150 RUB (+63 kopeks), and the European currency has grown to RUB 74,9025 (+25,5 COP.). Today the sanctions will be negative to oppose the rise in oil prices, and the dynamics of the ruble will largely depend on the behavior of foreign investors invested in the BFL. The risk that sanctions the theme played by the ruble still continues. Expected daily trading range for dollar is 65,8-67.2 per RUB, for a European currency, or 74.2 75.7 per RUB.
Thursday morning the rising cost of black gold continued, she rose above $64 per barrel, surpassing levels last night. Likely daily range for today’s trading, Brent crude oil is $63,4-of$64.7 per barrel.
Vadim Iosub,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,