The Russian stock market continued active growth sectors of telecommunications

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The Russian stock market continued active growth sectors of telecommunications, mining and electricity. This is expected to increase in such actions as: Yandex NV.In. (MCX: YNDX), the growth potential of +1.2%, Polymetal international PLC (MCX: POLY) expected growth +1,5%, inter RAO EES OAO (MCX: IRAO) can be added +1.2 percent. Also is attentive to the oil market – the main driver of the Russian economy. Recall that US officials have stated that they seek to reduce the export of Iranian oil to zero, to force their leaders to change their behavior in the region. US sanctions on Iranian oil exports must occur November 4.
But many began to suspect that the assertion by the United States to reduce the export of Iranian oil to zero is a “political bluff”. Donald trump began to take efforts to reduce oil exports from Iran from several months ago, and we should not think that he will do something special 4 Nov. Oil prices will continue to rise for the fact that industry data demonstrate that decreased the reserves of oil in the U.S. and tensions in connection with the disappearance of a prominent Saudi journalist has caused concern about supplies. Against this background, we also note the continued strengthening of the national currency and the growth of the major Russian stock indices.
The us stock market showed rapid growth. The U.S. stocks rose more than 2% after corporate reports on profits of large companies, including UnitedHealth and Goldman Sachs, and good economic data, which allowed us to play the recent correction. The three main index in wall Street from the beginning, has increased its biggest one-day percentage income. The small capitalization Russell 2000 recorded the biggest gain in one session for nearly two years. Investors expect another strong quarter of profitable corporations, hoping that the reports may calm your nerves after concerns about global trade tensions and raising the bond yield.
Corporate profits, of course, was the biggest support for this market, and many will be watching for companies that have prospects for the future in obtaining stable profits. Shares of Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) jumped 9.5% after the meeting, software analyst, adding optimism for the tech sector. Shares of Walmart (NYSE: WMT) rose 2 percent as its chief Executive officer has urged investors to reconsider their opinions about the company’s business.
After market close, shares of Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), one of the focus groups shares FANG, jumped after the report about the future of streaming content. On the other hand, shares of BlackRock fell by 4.4% after the world’s largest asset Manager reported the lowest sales of shares, bonds and other long-term investments in the second quarter of 2016. Overall U.S. stock market aimed at updating the historical highs after the recent correction was dialed enough fuel to move up against the General panic of the hype and myth of the collapse of the us stock market.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”