The Russian stock market carefully restored

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In response to the improvement of the external background, where after the American sites growth returned to the markets of Asia and Europe, the Russian stock indices recovery at auction Thursday. However, the erratic behavior of oil prices and the continuing caution of investors hindered the manifestation of the more optimistic sentiment, and the rise in the domestic market looks quite modest. Afternoon index Mosberg adds up 0.49%, the RTS increased 0.39%. The ruble remains under slight pressure, which limits the potential of the dollar index.
In the segment of blue chips almost universal purchase. Cheaper individual securities. Especially allocated on the General background of the preferred shares of Mechel, which fell almost 6%,while the ordinary shares are losing less than 2%. “Mechel” has published a rather favorable financial results for the year 2017, following which the company’s net profit under IFRS increased by 1.6 times and amounted to 11.6 billion roubles. Consolidated revenue increased by 8% and EBITDA by 23% in annual terms, amounting to 81.1 billion rubles. Judging by the negative reaction papers, probably triggered strategy fixed profit.
In a small “minus” traded shares “Norilsk Nickel” following the news that Eni owns+ and “RUSAL” Oleg Deripaska became a candidate for inclusion in the composition of the Board of Directors of MMC. Papers “Aeroflot” lose a little more than 0.2%, as quotes the fed’s UES, which reported the completion of the reconstruction of spetsproektov power lines across the Volga river in the Saratov region. In the oil and gas sector, the most active demand for shares of “Gazprom oil”, where growth is over 3%. The company won the auction for six oil and gas blocks in KHMAO.
Global investors cheered a bit, and this led to the manifestation of optimism in the Russian market. However, in addition to the continuing risks at the global level, the lack of support from the oil market, a deterrent for investors in the Russian market is also anxious expectation of new sanctions against Russia, announced by trump administration. However, the effect of restrictions that will affect a number of oligarchs, will have an indirect impact on our overall market.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group