The Russian stock market begins to fall reduction

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On the first trading day of the week and month the Russian stock market is trading under moderate pressure, which is justified mainly negative external background, which partly kompensiruet high oil prices. Afternoon index Masuri continues to consolidate losses in the area of 0.2%. RTS is reduced by 0.6% in line with the dynamics of the ruble, which depreciates the dollar and the Euro on average by 0.4%. Brent after the attempt a bearish correction testing again level 78.
Papers “Gazprom” cheaper by almost 0.7%. The company expressed concerns about the problems with borrowing because of the situation with “Naftogaz”. In this case the manufacturer will continue to borrow money on the market. Also there is talk that Gazprom may increase its investment program in 2018 to a record high of 1.49 trillion rubles pervonachalnyy 1.28 trillion rubles. The issue the Board of the company will consider this week.
Russia has published the manufacturing PMI report, which rose in August from 48.1 to 48.9. It was recorded a further deterioration in market conditions in the manufacturing sector of the country. The index remained below the watershed of 50 points, indicating further contraction.
In General, the current situation on global markets does not foresee sharp fluctuations, at least until the advent of the latest news from the trade front. In the days ahead, investors are likely to refrain from risky purchases in anticipation of the announcement of the new duties within the framework of a trade war between the US and China. Until the end of the day, activity on the Russian market will be reduced due to the celebration of labor Day in the United States.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group