The Russian stock market began trading environment growth

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After sales in the stock markets of the US and Asia, European markets opened in different directions, with the Italian MIB, which over the last two days has lost more than 4% started in the flat, feeling a weakening of the pressure from the political crisis in the country. The panic subsided, but tensions in the European region remains, and sales can resume at any time when a new stimulus on that front.
Russian site began on Wednesday in positive territory. RTS rising by about 0.5% on the background of the retreat of the ruble from a minimum of three weeks levels. The domestic currency got some relief thanks to the suspension of profit-taking in the oil market and local adjustment of the dollar today, retreating against most currencies on the international Forex market. However, the scenario of a test mark of 63 RUB remains in force because the risk of resumption of exit from longs in Brent is saved, and the dollar may return to growth in the short term.
The Euro, which the day before had miraculously maintained above the mark of 1.15, testing levels close to 1.16. Deviation of return of Italian government bonds from the canadian dollar on Friday eased the pressure on the single currency. However, until there is increased uncertainty on the political front in Italy, more decisive action from the bulls on the Euro]to IDate not worth it. Sales strategy for growth in the case of pair Euro/dollar is still relevant. Quotations may reach higher levels before the Euro will lay a new wave of sales.
Sergey Kostenko,
Investment analyst