The Russian stock market began the second quarter with growth of

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On the first trading day of the second quarter, the leading stock indexes of the Russian Federation show a positive trend. This contributes to a good, albeit limited, external background and the continuing trend to the rise in oil prices. Afternoon index Mosberg and RTS increased by 0.97% and 0.74%, respectively. Ruble rises against foreign currencies, which hinders the growth of the dollar index.
Brent crude continues to “chew” the way to level 70.
Better market today feel of telecoms stock quotes of MTS increased more than 2.5%.
Rosseti grow by 2.3%, followed by shares of Norilsk Nickel, where the increase also exceeds 2%. Papers AFK “System” increased by 0.5% after reports that 31 March, the Board of Directors has appointed a new Vice President for Finance and investments Vladimir Travkovo that in 2016 he held the position of Director of the Department of functional controlling at MTS.
In the oil and gas sector – the widespread purchase. Shares of “Rosneft” and LUKOIL are getting more expensive by 0.8%. The latter will receive the tax benefits on mining on Imilorskoe field, which is one of the biggest assets in Western Siberia. Almost all the oil reserves at this Deposit (200 million tons) are hard to recover. The volume of investments into this project may reach 12 billion roubles, and the effect of benefits for 15 years – about 180 billion.
An additional supportive factor for the domestic assets is the domestic economic statistics. In particular, in March the PMI index of manufacturing industries of the Russian Federation increased from 50.2 to 50.6 points. However, the increase was negligible and insignificant impact on investor sentiment did not have. Next, the players of the Russian market will continue to monitor developments in the world, focusing on the diplomatic conflict between Russia and the West, as well as on the trade dialogue between the United States and China. These factors continue to pose risks for risk assets in General and for the Russian stock exchanges.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group