The Russian stock market began multidirectional auction

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The Russian securities market on Wednesday began bidding heterogeneous. To date, the leading stock indexes grow by 0.8% on average, the morning list of favorites headed paper “Yandex” and “Magnet”. In the negative zone are shares of “Bank Saint Petersburg” and “M. Video”.
The external background to today’s session were favorable. Lately, daily change of sentiment for the global capital markets becomes the norm – the mood changes sharply from positive to negative and Vice versa, and cyclically. American markets closed the previous session shopping, changing futures for S&P in premarket shows the rise.
Oil prices this morning are in the black. A barrel of Brent traded at $76,50 (+0,7%). Yesterday’s API report showed an increase in reserves of black gold by 5.69 million barrels. At the same time, inventories of gasoline and distillates continued to fall to 3.46 million and 3.08 million barrels, respectively. Today will be published data from the US Department of energy, and if they confirmed the continuation of growth stocks, the “bears” in the oil can be activated. By the way, the stocks of raw materials in the United States increased for six weeks without a break.
Russian ruble in the first hour of trading on Wednesday slightly retreated to a basket of currencies. The US dollar was worth RUB 65,65 (+0,15%). The likely range of movement in the pair dollar/ruble today is 65,50-65,95 RUB and EUR/RUB – of 74.30-74,85 RUB.
According to information from business circles, the decision of Angela Merkel to run for the post of Chairman of the Christian democratic Union of Germany and to continue his political career after 2021 does not reflect the true intentions of bundeskanzlerin. It therefore intends to relieve the pressure on themselves from external and internal opponents with it, thus getting “a break” after the failure of her party’s election in the land of Bavaria and Hesse.
This maneuver should keep her maintaining the position of the head of the government of Germany for the next three years, during which “anything can happen”, including force majeure events that will not comply with these obligations. For Russia the main problem remains the limited sovereignty of Germany from USA, which contrary to its economic interests. To resolve this issue Angela Merkel to cope by far not very successfully. Maybe someone else will do better, especially given the unpredictable actions of the President of the United States Donald trump and his team.
Index Mosuri will hold a final session Oct within marks 2305-2325 points.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,