The Russian stock market before the weekend may decline slightly

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The Russian stock market before the weekend may be slightly corrected downwards due to the influence of both internal factors and external developing markets. The price of oil have a stabilizing effect, and many market participants have already been using a similar indicator for the analysis and selection of more optimal and less risky assets for future investments.
The company “NOVATEK” has bypassed on capitalisation “Gazprom” and the company’s shares rose 4%. It is expected that investor interest in the company “NOVATEK” will increase in the near future. Papers “Rosneft” will refresh new highs for the next week. Since the news that the company took the decision to withdraw from the project “Pechora-SPK” will not bring losses to the company.
On the background too much of a difference between price and value of the company “RUSAL”, the paper may be of interest to investors, if the U.S. Congress recognize the erroneous accusations against Deripaska. In General though the market looks promising there are still concerns about the escalation of trade wars. As stock markets are interrelated and any change in one cause a chain reaction of changes in other markets.
U.S. stock indexes closed mixed.
At that time, as stocks of manufacturers of semiconductors fell amid concerns about fluctuations in the industry, the wave traded pressure originated in the technology sector, while the threat of increased regulation has led to the fact that Facebook and Twitter collapsed. Semiconductor companies have sounded the alarm about the stability of the industry, warning that the margin is likely to be hit with falling prices of DRAM (memory) and excess supply of products in the NAND (flash memory) by weakening demand.
This week, the company Nanya struck the first blow when he provided a cautionary forecast for server DRAM in the fourth quarter. As Micron Technology (NASDAQ: MU), and KLA-Tencor (NASDAQ: KLAC) has exacerbated these problems, since the latter reported that fourth quarter revenues will decline due to the weakness of the semiconductor market. The focus of attention in the coming days will be the shares of the company Ferrari.
Since the new CEO Lois Camilleri, as it turned out, was as successful as his predecessor Sergio Marchionne, the Chairman of the Italian supercar manufacturer said shareholders meeting approve the appointment of Camilleri. The appointment of Camilleri won 98% of votes of the shareholders. Investors believe that under the guidance of Camilleri Ferrari intends to build a future that is just as good as his past. Today we can also observe the divergence between the indices since before the weekend, many market participants, as a rule, try to capture profitable positions.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”