The Russian stock market at the opening will show growth

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The expected growth of the Russian market at the opening of trading on the background of growth by 0.5-3.8% of futures in global stock indexes. Vigorously all grow (3,2-3,8%) futures on Asian indices, due to the statement of the President of the United States about the desire of China to conclude a deal on trade which will help to reduce the negative effect on the economy of China and the United States. The agreement may be signed in late November at the summit of the “Big-20”, 30 November – 1 December. Meanwhile, well-reported, Apple for the third quarter, but, like everything, made a disappointing forecast for the fourth quarter.
Plus, investors have negatively reacted to the decision by Apple to cease to report the number of units sold of smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, 2019 that the market perceives as the desire to hide bad sales of the new smartphone market which stalled in growth. Against this background, the stock fell 7% to $207 apiece on post-auction, but in General, the American market finished the day in positive territory.
While the Russian market has chances to finish trading on Friday with the decrease due to the long weekend and the desire of investors to hedge against looming risks in the form of elections to the Parliament of the United States on 6 November and until the same date the report on observance by Russia of American law of chem-, bio-, and weapons. However, telephone surveys of US population show that most seats is Republicans that might even be positive for relations between the US and Russia.
Since the Republicans have shown that they can “delay” the adoption of laws against the Russian Federation or to reduce them to insignificant sanctions. In addition, given that the committees of the lower and upper houses of Congress, there are lobbyists from the financial sector, it can be assumed that the second package of sanctions probably won’t affect the state-owned banks, which work with partners of American companies, not to harm the latter.
Viktor Veselov,
Chief analyst,