The Russian stock market afloat before the announcement of new sanctions

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At the beginning of the new trading week, the leading share indices of the Russian Federation shall incur moderate losses. The negative side of the Syrian problem has no significant impact on the domestic market, which focuses on the issue of sanctions: countermeasures of Moscow and the new restrictions from Washington. External background is regarded as neutral. Afternoon index Mosberg losing 0.6% and the RTS declining by 0.5%. The ruble carries a symbolic loss in pairs with the dollar and the Euro, however, the risks of increased sales persist.
The threat of new sanctions from the US this morning has provoked a new collapse of the shares of “RUSAL”, which fell to a new historic low on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Impressive drawdown show papers “Polymetal” (-4,4%), which closed the acquisition of 45% interest in a silver Deposit “the Forecast” from the company Polar. The transaction closed on April 13 after obtaining the approval of the regulator.
In the oil and gas sector is dominated by sales. With the exception of preferred shares of Tatneft, which rose in price almost on 3%. Meanwhile Shareholders “M. Video” approved the terms of the purchase of 100% of the network “Eldorado” at an extraordinary meeting. The decision was taken 89,8% of the votes of all shareholders participating in the meeting, and 72.2% of the votes of shareholders not interested in the transaction and who participated in the meeting. “M. Video” buys “Eldorado” for a 45.5 billion rubles.
The unveiling of the new sanctions may result in the sale of individual securities and in General to worsen the mood on the Russian market. Support from the commodity market today is not there – Brent crude corrected after five days of growth amid partial profit taking. Increased pressure on the ruble may lead to a more aggressive drawdown of RS.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group