The Russian ruble is now holding inactive trading session

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The Russian ruble is now holding inactive trading session. The US dollar by mid-day trading on 62,20 RUB (+0,03%). The Euro is worth 73,27 RUB (-0,04%). Official rates of the CBRF at the weekend and on Monday, may 21, 61,94 make up a RUB for the American currency and 73 and 17 rubles for Euro. Both estimates revised to increase by 12 and 15 cents, respectively.
Oil stable in the positive zone. Today the “bulls” keep their emotions under control and not in a hurry to upgrade to four-month highs, although it is possible that this will not happen next week. A barrel of Brent crude oil costs to date of $79,59 (+0,4%), a barrel of Texas light oil WTI give $71,64 (+0,1%).
In the pair dollar/ruble is a struggle abroad at 62.0 RUB, today this pair is inactive, but fluctuations within 61,50-62,50 RUB per US dollar, assuming constant transition through this line. As long as grinbek not to fixate on this mark, “side” auction will remain in force. Support for the dollar could have save rally on the US stock exchanges and the growth of yield of us bonds.
The dollar will finish the session on Friday in borders 62,10-62,75, the Euro finishes in the range of 73.00-74,00 RUB Uninformative day at the world capital markets, coupled with volatile week and factor Friday today do not involve increased activity in the cut pairs.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,