The Russian Central Bank has engaged in education

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Last year, the Central Bank decided that it was time to acquaint the younger generation with bonds to the people. These securities at the end of return of 1.5-2% lower than conventional government bonds that apply to the stock market, but who out there thinks these percentages?
The Bank of Russia is now together with market participants to develop the scheme of transformation of Federal loan bonds to the public (BFL-n), so that they become interesting to other investors.
The change in the treatment of the “people’s bond” will allow them to sell through a single, centralized location of online distribution of financial services, financial marketplace. As expected, the working version of the “financial supermarket” will be launched at the end of this year, after the law resolved the issues of faster payments and remote authentication the client side of the platform.
Of course, the name “financial supermarket” implies that trading will unfold not only in the bonds of the people, so running on them is quite natural. But on the Playground are happy to add more market participants, like brokers and management companies, because now you can directly buy the tools and paper. Such an approach should spur the development of financial infrastructure and domestic participants of the market, and customers will be able to get rid of most of the scams in this field, simply ignoring passionate appeals to invest under 50% per month on the Internet.
Nikolay Shiryaev
“International financial center”