The ruble yesterday has successfully overcome the pressure of the dollar and the Euro

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Tuesday, February 19, for the ruble became a successful day. At the close of trading on this day the dollar exchange rate calculations “tomorrow” fell by 50 kopecks (of -0.76%), to 65,78 rubles, and the Euro lost against the ruble 39 kopecks (-0,52%), slipping to RUB 74,59
If in the morning the ruble literally did not grow and did not fall, in the middle of the day he increased the motivation to grow, and by evening, the ruble showed the dollar and the Euro, who is the owner of Russia. The strengthening of the ruble contributes to the beginning of the tax period. The dollar before the close of trading showed a stronger downward movement than the Euro. Most likely, it was the consequence of the statement of the head of the Federal reserve Bank of Cleveland Loretta Mester, who, speaking at the University of Delaware, said that if the US economy will develop in accordance with the “most probable forecasts,” the fed will be raising interest rates. After this statement the dollar began to fall to all world currencies, including the ruble. News of a possible increase in interest rates seems to be more not happy grinbek.
Meanwhile, the price of Brent crude oil on trading results on Tuesday sensationally has not changed, remaining at the level of $66,44 per barrel. During the day the oil gradually went down. The price of oil is influenced by conflicting factors. On the one hand, the reduction of oil supply by several exporting countries within OPEC+ other causes, on the other – the growth of production and export of Iranian oil despite the us embargo.
Today at 22.00 MSK in the U.S. will be published minutes of the meeting of the Federal open market Committee of the Federal reserve system (the so-called “minute the fed”) from which you can learn how many bankers, members of the Committee support the idea of a return to higher interest rates. Expected current fluctuations in the dollar/ruble within the framework of 65.5-66,3 rubles, and Euro/ruble – in the range of 74-75 RUB.
Natalia Milchakova,
Financial analyst,