The ruble will compete for growth with the support of oil

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It was a strange trading day for the Russian market. Attempt to reduce the development has not received, the main stock indicators back into positive territory, but purchases are very heterogeneous.
Highs all the time is not updated. Would she attempt? The big question. Index Mobimii also bored all balances in the wide corridor 2310-2350 points, and have yet to be tested at least one of its boundaries, any directional movement will not. The RTS index remains within the limits of 1165-1190 points, which is enough for him high in the current environment.
The shares of “Magnet” today has maintained in force the growing momentum and entrenched above the upper limit of medium-term trading the sideways channel. The paper closes above 5175 RUB, the immediate goal of rise is at around 5200 RUB, after which the shares will be consolidation.
The ruble be retreated to a basket of currencies, because it changed direction, but there nothing serious at the end of the day did not happen. The U.S. dollar is stable within the boundaries 62-62,65 rubles., the closest significant support is at the level 61,85, resistance at the level 62,70. In the pair EUR/RUB for several days, nothing has changed in a significant way, the tool balances in the range of 73.30-74,60 and there is will remain.
During the today’s auctions the Ministry of Finance were not the best way. Demand for OFZ 26224 amounted to 6.5 billion rubles. at the planned volume of RUB 15 billion At issue 25083 the situation was better, because the volume of production in the same 15 billion. the demand was estimated at 24 billion rubles. This means that the market is still very cautious about the prospects of Russia.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,