The ruble will be a storm long

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Last year, the Ministry of Finance in black and white in the draft budget for 2018, which currency he wants. Meanwhile, the national currency rate above 60…63 -65 per dollar. Nothing surprising. We like to blame everything in one pile, always looking for reasons to justify – geopolitics, Chinese, tramp, the disgraced oligarchs.
The week began with the Exodus of the ruble, everything was laid at the level of 56.00 against the dollar. No need to sow panic and chaos in the slender ranks of investors. Financial illiteracy many may leave without his pants. Do not store eggs in one basket. I love the black color, but, unfortunately, the week is held under the slogan “black Monday”, and there is already Wednesday… you see, Friday is not far off.
Today on the Moscow stock exchange rate of the American currency in the second half of the day rose to 64 rubles and 90 kopecks, and the Euro rose to around 80 rubles 33 kopecks. All this is accompanied by sales on the Russian market of public debt. Yes, few people expected such a rapid fall of the national currency, and even in the beginning of the second quarter, after the introduction of new sanctions against several Russian companies. To wait for intervention from the CBR, we believe, not worth it – the controller does not see threats to financial stability.
Some foreign investors on the background of the new sanctions will not be able to operate with a number of Russian companies. Now begins the avalanche Exodus from BFL, for BFL will give you will need to exchange rubles for foreign currency. Here and buy a dollar not of 56.00 and sells for 65,00-70,00. Thus, we obtain certain compensation for the collapse of the ruble…
The foreign exchange market for a very long time remained on a mark of 56.00. Tactics are very dangerous. But clearly speculative interest, the sale of government debt, Russian funds, and the rapid weakening of the ruble. Carrie trader was long increased their positions in Russian stocks and bonds, but the output from them was very fast, so the national currency is still pastoret.
Bozena Klimenko,
The company’s financial expert