The ruble uses the growth of oil in their order

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Fears of the market started the week relatively risky assets for the most part not justified. The possibility of extending trade negotiations between the US and China. This pushes the dangerous prospect of a sharp increase in duties on imports from China, which weighed on markets in recent days. The OPEC report on oil showed a decrease in production, US stockpiles are reduced, leaving Brent quotes at a high enough level at around $63/bbl. Sanctions subject has not had a local impact on the ruble, considering the sanctions in Congress remains enough near term.
On the other hand, there are signs of increased inflows of foreign investors in Russian assets, the Finance Ministry expects the successful placement of the next issue of government bonds.
So during the day on 13 February, the dollar has slowed down, going below the 66 RUB after the sudden spike to 66,2 RUB the day before. Perhaps this rather quiet speaker in favor of the ruble will remain and on Thursday 14 February. Perhaps the pair dollar/ruble in the direction of 65,2 RUB, and the upper limit stands For 66,2 RUB EUR/RUB also remains a narrow range 74 – 75 RUB in the middle of which are quotes February 13.
Mark Goykhman,
The head of group of analysts
OOO “CAFT” (Center Analytics and financial technology)