The ruble remains in the maelstrom of passions

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The ruble on Thursday remains in the swirl of passion. The first half of the day was for foreign currencies under pressure as “Russian” vigorously strengthened against the background of support from the oil and tax period. After noon the situation has changed: the dollar has stabilized and is “in zeros”, the Euro remains on the radar of the bears, but the fall stopped.
The morning of the ruble was based on a positive for the debt market. At yesterday’s auction the Ministry of Finance on placement of OFZ excitement prevailed, almost like before. When you offer bonds for 20 billion rubles. demand was more than 46 billion rubles, which is pretty good, given that global risk appetite remains cautious. Is Russia again – “safe haven” for hot money? Let’s not jump to conclusions, especially when there is so many events.
On the world market the dollar is strengthening again, but in tandem with “the Russian” day may end in the range of 65.50-of 66.00 RUB/USD. Frame for the next couple of days — 65,20-66,25, to the end of the week volatility in this tool will grow. For the Euro/ruble actual fluctuation margins within 72.50 per person-74,00.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,
“Information-analytical center “Alpari”