The ruble remains at the heart of negative external background

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After continuing for several days, the rally of the dollar at auction, Tuesday is used by market participants to fix the positions. The ruble will strengthen a little and will be held at 63 per dollar.
The reasons for the weakening of the ruble remained the same: it is the increase in the key rate in the United States, especially in the continued trade of conflict Washington with the world, buying up almost all of the currency Ministry of Finance of the Russian market on a daily basis, as well as the continued exit of foreign participants of the Russian market.
At the same time, this news will not have such an impact on the market, as before, and the oil is already ready to support the domestic currency due to the rebound on news of production within OPEC+.
Excess receipts of foreign currency from tourists and selling goods and services abroad are gradually beginning to have an impact on the value of the dollar. The proximity of the tax period will only perpetuate the reverse process – the strengthening of the ruble to the next level of support below 62 by the end of this week.
Nikolay Shiryaev
“International financial center”