The ruble remained without support

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The ruble fell slightly in trading on Thursday, although overall the currency remains in a consolidated range, not showing any sudden movements in the absence of significant drivers. On the oil market is too calm, while the dollar was under slight pressure, but returns to growth. The pair dollar/ruble stuck on level 62 RUB, gaining 0.33 percent on the session.
This week ends almost unchanged, and the dollar remains slightly above $ 62 RUB Prerequisites for out of the current range is not observed – “Russian” feels pretty comfortable around the current levels, given that global markets present a plaque of evasion from risks due to Italy, and now on the backdrop of renewed trade conflict United States with other countries after the introduction of import duties.
In the near future the ruble will probably remain under some pressure, but will refrain from any sudden movements. In the oil market, all is calm, Brent continues to consolidate. Locally to the behavior of the pair dollar/ruble may impact today’s statistics on the American labour market, which will be published in the second half of the day. Strong indicators will energize widespread demand for the dollar, including in tandem with the ruble.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group