The ruble reduced the dollar under pressure foreign policy

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The ruble on Friday reduced the dollar under pressure foreign policy: the effects of the tightening of us sanctions and continued diplomatic attacks from the UK. To resist the onslaught of the Russian currency help active sales of export revenue and stable oil.
A barrel of Brent crude traded above $ 65.00 USD. Rising supply from the United States and several other countries is that kompensiruet high demand for raw materials in the conditions of global economy. However, investors have a new reason to worry: judging by the latest comments, the extension of the global Pact OPEC+ can be called into question.
The dollar, meanwhile, is also not all right: on the course is adversely affected by rumors of internal political turmoil in Washington, which can lead to resignations in the White house. In addition, the plans of the President trump the imposition of duties on Chinese imports revived fears about the beginning of large-scale trade war.
Expected trading range for today is 56,85 – 57,85 RUB/USD.
Vladimir Zotov
Head of Directorate of financial markets
The Ural Bank for reconstruction and development