The ruble on Monday, losing ground

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Russian ruble on Monday, slightly receding in a basket of currencies. Today in the auction a little non – residents- the US market in the beginning of the week closed on the occasion of the day, and the ruble has to be guided by external background and investors ‘ interest to risk. The US dollar in such circumstances is 66,44 RUB and rises by 0.25%. Euro rises in price by 0.3% and is trading at 75,53 RUB.
Rates of the Central Bank of Russia for tomorrow, January 22, are 66,36 RUB per U.S. dollar (increased 3 cents) and RUB over the 75,54 € (reduced 4 cents).
In the market, frankly, nothing interesting. The oil sector is slightly corrected. A barrel of Brent is reduced to date of 0.3% and costs $62,53, Texas light oil WTI slightly cheaper. Friday’s statistics from Baker Hughes the number of rigs in the US, which was quite bearish already factored into prices.
Later the Treasury will publish plans to OFZ auctions this week. Let me remind you that this year’s first placement in three editions it has been more than positive, the Agency drew the whole planned volume of funds. While the situation looks smooth and calm, the Finance Ministry has a chance to repeat the local carry trade. The US dollar closed trading today within 66,20-66,85, the Euro finished the trading day in the borders 75,30-of 76.00 RUB
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,