The ruble moved into the recovery phase

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The ruble went into a phase of consolidation for a number of internal and external reasons. From the outside it is possible to note the temporary absence of new sanctions and the growth of investments of foreign funds in Russian assets, and from the interior is to support exports, increase the rate of the Bank of Russia by 0.25 percentage (not yet accepted) and, of course, the beginning of the next tax period.
The main factor in this news for market participants is the tax payments from exporters (as the main sources of incoming currency) to 1.56 trillion. rubles.
The performance of the CBR can be considered as affecting the total value of the domestic currency slightly, because this decision is expected by most analysts, but it can be noted that more significant for the ruble will further clarify the vision of the monetary policy of the economic block of the government. It is the policy of the government depends on the selection of companies to develop their activities in the coming months.
The ruble on Monday continued to decline, arenivas 65-65,5 for a dollar and a 75-75. 5 for Euro strengthening continued, and the upward trend will not be changed even with the purchase of the Central Bank foreign currency market in high volumes.
Robert Aloyan,
LLC “Consulting center “Ashford”