The ruble may return to the usual rate of 65-66 per dollar

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New sanctions against Russia, the us Congress may not approve until the end of the year. About this probability reported yesterday Bloomberg, citing senators. Politicians say that is now occupied by the harmonization of government spending and the assignment of figures to important posts.
It is also worth noting that now the Congress is working in the old format. Strengthening of anti-Russian sanctions and stricter measures against Russia will be engaged in already new structure of Parliament. “Chasing horses” and to take measures quickly and without pleasure, in the Congress want, so with high probability the sanctions and the tightening and extension of the list of anti-Russian measures are transferred for the month ahead, closer to the new year.
In some ways American politics has distracted from the topic of Russia after has not received evidence as to the intervention of Moscow in the mid-term elections.
The market before rapidly rejoiced at the lack of progress in the process of tightening sanctions on Russia, but in itself it means nothing. The United States launched a large-scale toxic process, which plays against Russian business in global (financing, loans, international development), and on a daily basis (inflows and outflows). The toxicity is serious, it is manifested and will manifest during the negotiations on cooperation during review ratings when making international decisions.
What does this mean for the ruble? This short-term optimism, which will be quickly reflected in prices, and estimated at Alpari, in a day or two the market will return to its usual course. For the US dollar this wide corridor 66 to 69 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,