The ruble is: Will the Central Bank to contain the fall

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Considering the Russian currency, it is possible to allocate introduced in April of this year, Donald trump sanctions against Russia that influenced the drop in the ruble to the us dollar to 63,7485. The subsequent decline was prevented by growing the oil and the intervention of the Central Bank.
The regulator has chosen a wait-and-see strategy, watching all the risks associated with changes in interest rates and developments with the political pressure.
The maximum mark, the Central Bank holds manually. Indicate that international reserves, which declined from 463,8 billion at the end of April to 456,3 billion by the last week of may holding the maximum mark of the course in 63.8965. Further strengthening of the dollar shows that for a long time to keep it will be ineffective indicators of reserves as of July 26 pointed to the mark 457,9 billion, and recent statements from August 2, indicates an increase in reserves to which is 459, 9 billion. the Bank is willing to let the ruble to the next level 65.0100, with the next target in 67,4000.
A strengthening dollar just does not allow the ruble to the end of the year, when the introduction of the new penalties and higher interest rates, the dollar will reach 69r per U.S. dollar.
Renat Abdurakhmanov
Financial analyst,
Larson & Holz