The ruble is weak against external risks

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On Thursday, the ruble fell against foreign currencies on average by 0.2%, losing mostly to the dollar, which felt quite cheerfully in the Forex market and added in pairs with the main competitors. Following the session, the pair dollar/ruble, which in the time tried to test the area of 65.50. closed at 65,37 RUB.
Overall was a negative factor for the Russian currency now, no. The sanctions factor is retained, but the odds of calm yet moved into the background and exerts a limited pressure on the ruble. Locally the movement of our currency determines the behavior of the dollar and the overall health of the currencies of the developing segment.
The oil at this stage has no significant effect on the mood of the ruble. Quotes Brent interrupted the rally at around $ 70 per barrel and are now rushing in a tight range, trying to avoid a deeper correction.
In the short term the main reference for the ruble will remain dollar in the context of key statistics on the U.S. labor market, which will be published today. Major support continues to be at the mark of 65 rubles, while the breakdown resistance of 65.50 RUB returns to the game level 66 RUB
____________________ Gennady Nikolaev
Academy of management Finance and investment