The ruble is trying to grow but the dollar is stronger

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Morning attempts rebound of the Russian currency was not successful – the dollar took a acceleration to a new breakthrough, which led the pair to the highs of mid-February in the area of 66,50 RUB where quotes slightly fell back.
The domestic indices also falling. RTS is losing 1.2%, reflecting the currency factor and the index of Masuri reduced within 0.5%. In fact, the current trend in the Russian market corresponds to the external background, where, after a short pause resumed the sale of risky assets. A new round of sales followed by comments from Beijing, which has signaled that it is ready to take action in response to the tariffs of the trump.
Additional stimulus from yesterday is alarming dynamics of the yield curve, which indicates the signs of the approaching recession.
Oil was also not able to resist external pressure, especially that recent signals from Beijing perceived by investors as another escalation of the trade conflict, which further focuses the attention of market participants on the risks of the economic downturn, which will inevitably lead to a cooling in global demand for energy. Brent crude, which yesterday slipped under the mark of 60 dollars per barrel, tested the levels 58, switching the attention of traders to the recent lows marked 56.
Arseniy Dadashev,
Academy of management Finance and investment