The ruble is trading cautiously after the placement of OFZ

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On the ruble is not expected today, significant events, however, factors acting to strengthen any more right now. Last week the Ministry of Finance again has set a record on placement of OFZ, it gives confidence the ruble, as the participants were playing by the operations of the carry trade actively buying up our currency. Now a likely scenario – the decline of American and European currency against the wood.
The strengthening of oil also, like under the arm accompanies the growth of the ruble. No loud events associated with oil today, so the tool will not generate turmoil for the Russian currency. US sanctions we have not announced too many concerns with the Chinese side, so the Americans not to us.
In conclusion, we can say that the ruble quietly and without obstacles moving toward the goal of 63.80 in the short term. Today is expected to strengthen to 64.40
Katya Frankel
The head of the analytical Department of the company,