The ruble is slowly declining against world currencies

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The Russian ruble this afternoon retreats to a basket of currencies. Not too positive commodity market coincides with the global unrest of investors concerning aggravation of the situation in several European countries. In such circumstances, market interest focused on the assets “quiet” harbour, and the ruble to them is clearly not the case. The US dollar to date is 62,72 rubles (+0,6%). The Euro is trading at 72,47 rubles (+0,1%). Official rates of the Central Bank of Russia for tomorrow, may 30, 62,64 make up a RUB for the American currency (increased by 37 cents) and RUB over the space of 72.52 EUR (reduced by 31 kopecks).
The oil market looks mixed. A barrel of North sea Brent is recovering today in price by half a percent and is trading at $75,74, a barrel of WTI falls to 1.4% and costs $66,94. Publish reports on stocks of oil and oil products in the US this week moved forward by a day, so today the raw material market remains without formal driver.
Domestic political news is still not reflected in the behavior of the Russian currency. Perhaps this is due to the beginning of the summer vacation period and holidays, when the capacity of the market becomes significantly lower.
The US dollar closed trading Tuesday at borders marks 62,25-of 63.00 rubles., in the next several days we cannot exclude the possibility of the passage 64 in the direction of RUB the pair Euro/ruble will complete the day in the range of 72-73 RUB here everything unchanged.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,